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With summer just a few weeks away, now is the time to start preparing for water conservation. It's now legal in Colorado to capture rain water from your roof to use in your garden. Rain fall is Nature's soft water. Rainwater has lots of oxygen and nitrogen in it; making it excellent for your garden, shrubs, flowers and potted plants.  A ¼ inch of rain collected from a 1000 square foot roof can provide over 150 gallons of nature’s finest plant nourishment. In Colorado the law allows you to have a maximum of two rain barrels with a combined storage of 110 gallons for your personal outdoor gardening needs.   


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Find out about Colorado Rain Catcher! Learn about our organization, mission and commitment to Colorado water conservation. We are ARCSA Accredited Professionals.

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We offer several types and styles of rain barrels to choose from and either offer DIY packages or will happily install your system for you.

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