Winterizing your Rain Barrel

Hope you have enjoyed your Colorado Rain Catcher this season.  With the weather changing, the leaves falling and cold temperatures on the way, it is time to winterize your rain barrelYou must not leave water in your barrel through our cold Colorado winter. It may freeze and crack your barrel and damage other parts of your system.

Here is a quick guide to winterizing your system:

1. Empty the barrel of all water and debris.

2. Use your hose with a high pressure spray to rinse out your barrel.

3. If you have accumulated buildup or algae you can spray with a diluted bleach solution (1/4 tsp. per 1 quart of water) let it set for a few minutes and then rinse out again.  Be sure to rinse out AWAY from plants, animals, people.  If you want to avoid bleach, check into (you can find this at ACE Hardware).

4. Store your barrel in your garage or shed.  If you must store it outside, store the barrel upside down and covered with a tarp for additional protection.

5. Remove the downspout diverter from your downspout, cautiously-dish soap will help remove easier and with less damage to the diverter.  Wear protective gear the edges of the cut gutter are sharp.

6. Attach the winter cover that came with your parts kit.


Following these quick easy steps are important to keeping your rain catching system in good condition and ready for you to use again next season.

Have a wonderful winter.

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